Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ Poyo-poyo Walkthrough


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Game Review: Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ Review

* Poyo-poyo can only be unlocked after completing Astrum, Libera and Hiroya’s routes. *

Common Route

  • Use knife
  • Use knife
  • Both of you, just calm down.

Character Route

Good Ending

  • Use knife
  • All right, I trust you!
  • If you say so, Poyo-poyo.
  • Then, I guess half is all right.
  • My brother could have come home.
  • I’m the one that’s sorry.
  • I’m sorry for worrying you.
  • … Tell me your favourite food.
  • Don’t say that, please.
  • Run
  • Apologize to Ira.
  • I don’t want a world like that
  • I won’t lie.

Merry Bad Ending

  • Title Screen → History→ Poyo-poyo Route → Chapter 7
  • Kazuha’s Almighty Level 4
  • Poyo-poyo’s Affection 0
  • I want to be with everyone
  • I love you.
  • I hope tomorrow will be a good day (repeat day)
  • But, something feels strange… (end day)


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Written By Cherry


7 thoughts on “Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ Poyo-poyo Walkthrough

      1. My personal recommended order is Radius > Astrum > Demento > Zain > Libera > Hiroya > Poyo poyo. The story makes the most sense in that order. Although you can change/mix it up, poyo-poyo should always be played last cause he is the ‘true end’ of the game and has a lot of spoilers. 🙂

      2. Kk awesome! I just went random order, so far I did: Astrum, radius, libera, hiroya, and dementos… zain is next and poyopoyo for last. Is there any merit in completing the bad endings too? Like if you clear all the endings… is there a bonus? Thanks!

      3. All the bad endings come with a CG for each character, so they’re good to do for all the pictures 🙂 100% completion of all endings gets the group image with all the characters.

  1. Hey I was wondering how to unlock poyopoyo route, I followed use the knife twice in the common route you mentioned and then for your third choice under common route, the game did not show that choice. I was wondering if we have to like clear all the other characters before poyopoyo route unlocks or can you instruct me on how to unlock his route, thanks!

    1. Poyo-poyo’s route only unlocks when you finish Astrum/Libera/Hiroya’s routes. I’ll add that to the walkthrough so it clears up the confusion 🙂

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