Art Credit: tammypain (deviantart) | Visual Novel: Fruit of Grisaia

I am currently a third-year university student, aspiring to be a clinical psychologist specialising in child psychology. Initially I began my first blog as a hobby on blogspot purely to write down my thoughts, opinions, rants or raves on the Visual Novels that I had played. Due to the unexpected popularity, I then became sponsored/endorsed by a game review website to regularly compose content for their website.

To the young me back in high school, this was an incredible opportunity to essentially continue playing the games I loved freely and have support for my work. I worked with the website for two years until my final year of high school, where I then wished to focus on my education.

It was a saddening farewell as I thoroughly enjoyed working with them for those two years and it was a great learning experience for me. A lot of my regular readers were disappointed that I would no longer continue to compose new content for them to read. Never would I have dreamed that I would have the opportunity to showcase my writingand develop a following from it.

After several years of hiatus, I decided to return to writing again in my spare time as it was something I had always been passionate about. Since creating my website in early 2017, I have had the privilege of working with companies such as Idea Factory International, Aksys Games, MangaGamer and NISA America in reviewing their newly released titles.

I hope that you enjoy reading the articles on my website, just as much as I enjoy writing them!