Irresistible Mistakes Review


PUBLISHER: Voltage Inc.

So, I know in my release post of the game I mentioned a review would most likely come out in a few days. But considering I unexpectedly enjoyed the game a lot more than I initially anticipated, and while it is still fresh in my mind; I decided why not just write it now? I was very excited about this game, because it is very different from the recent titles that the company has released. A mature protagonist in a more adult setting it always a welcomed change, and I really liked all the bachelor designs this time round.

Normally, I usually only purchase between 1-3 character routes and rarely will buy the sequels or sub stories. If I do, it would usually only be for characters I enjoyed or 1-2 sub stories with an interesting premise. As such, I won’t be giving ratings for this review as I feel I can’t properly score the game if I have yet to see all the content it has to offer. This review will mostly be based on the gameplay seen in the prologue and currently released character route.




-The Story- 

I should never have done that…
He was a total stranger. I didn’t even know his name.
But we spent the night together…!
It was just a huge mistake. There could never be anything between us!
Or so I thought…

“I want to see you again tonight…”

That simple text from him was just the beginning of an incredible love affair…

The heroine is a young and passionate office worker, currently working for an advertisement and commercial marketing agency called Addison & Rhodes. She has worked for the company for six years, and enjoys her work immensely. She was inspired to enter the career field many years ago after viewing an advertisement designed by Shunichiro Tachibana (the main bachelor). Since then, he has risen up the corporate ladder and acts as the current creative director and by extension, head of her department. She admires his ambition, artistic flair and work ethic as her superior; and that his commercials have the ability to touch people’s hearts.

It is her dream to be able to create a commercial of the same calibre, as his first commercial she viewed many years ago helped her through a difficult heartbreak in the past. At a company party celebrating his recent award for a large advertisement, she carelessly underestimates her alcohol intake and drinks herself away into a drunken stupor.

The next morning, she wakes up in bed at an unfamiliar hotel with clothes strewn everywhere and the shadow of a man currently in the shower. In her embarrassment and shock at her actions, as well as having no memories of the night prior; she quickly dresses herself and escapes as she still has work to attend to. At work, she laments her actions as she had never had a one-night stand before and she does not even know the face of the man she slept with.

After receiving more information about the night before from her two closest co-workers: Natsume and Yuiko, she realises to her dismay it could be potentially one of five bachelors that all happen to be part of her workplace. However, as there is no possible method of discerning who it is without complete embarrassment on her end; she decides that perhaps some things are better off forgetting.

Unable to resist temptation, the heroine decides as a last ditch effort to visit the bar from last night’s party to perhaps find the missing clue that would lead to the identity of her bachelor. As she despairs over the futility of the situation, and receives her drink from the handsome bartender: she receives a text.

It is signed with the name of her mystery bachelor from last night, and the words: “I want to see you again tonight…”

The writing in this game is a lot better than many of Voltage’s recent releases, to my pleasant surprise. I really do enjoy their more mature-themed games, and this gives similar vibes to ‘In Your Arms Tonight’. So if you loved that game, I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy this title as well. It is more sexually explicit than their previous works, so that is something to keep in mind about the game (it is has a recommended rating for 17+ in the application store).

The heroine is definitely the selling point for me. She is kind, earnest, passionate, career-driven, realistic yet still has a refreshing sense of innocence with her character. She assumes just as much responsibility in the one-night stand as the bachelor, which I really liked.

She’s mature enough to understand it was a two-way street: there’s no such thing as one-way seduction. She is flawed, multi-faceted and has a strong enough personality to own up to her mistakes and take action. At the end of the day the bachelor and heroine are just two characters deeply attracted to one another, but the circumstances of their work life and beginnings create complications in their relationship.

Inevitably what begins as a passionate tryst deriving from physical compatibility and admiration in their work lives, evolves into something more. The heroine must decide whether to continue their relationship within the shades of grey, or turn it into concrete black or white: to end whatever connection they have to one another and return to their normal lives, or the potential of rejection for a wholesome relationship.

Character Development

I will be covering the individual character routes in separate posts, and add to the list here when new characters come out. If you need any help with clocking the game, I have the walkthroughs here.


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The art in Irresistible Mistakes is gorgeous for Voltage and mobile game standards. It’s probably their best title in terms of art quality. The MC is really pretty, and I do like how she is finally not faceless. I understand that mobile games do like to have faceless heroines, just so the reader can more easily ‘self-input’ themselves as her character. To me however, it just ruins a perfectly good CG since it just seems so out of place. The background art is significantly improved in comparison to their previous games, and overall the art is very clean in their new title.

It’s vibrant, detailed and the character proportions and poses are much better. I do like how they incorporated more animations into the game, such as when the character walks closer to you; it zooms up on their profile on the screen and the raining cinematic.

Music and Voice Acting

I’m really glad Voltage decided to go back to their forte for BGMs in this game. Some of their best soundtracks have mainly been soft piano instrumentals, such as ‘My Forged Wedding’ and ‘Office Secrets’. Irresistible Mistakes used the same concept, incorporating mainly soft instrumentals and piano soundtracks. My favourite song of the game was definitely the main theme, as I felt it suited the mood and tone perfectly. A major improvement was that the looping wasn’t as noticeable in this game, in comparison to their other titles.

As with all Voltage Inc’s games, it does not include voice acting.


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The system is pretty basic Voltage standard layout, but I do like the theme image a lot more in this game. It includes all the basic functions such as character profile, story/chapter select, and image gallery. It does not include save slots, but the game is easy enough to get both endings with the help of the likability gauge. I still don’t understand how to this day, Voltage still doesn’t have the function to adjust the text speed settings to show ALL; it’s a lot more straining on my eyes personally to read the moving text.

One thing I really liked was the new character introduction animation during the prologue. It was refreshing to see a new change, and it helped make the characters more memorable when deciding which route to choose.


The game is one of Voltage Inc’s best releases, at least from what I have seen so far. It’s nice to see that they’ve improved on a lot of the areas of criticism that they’ve received in their past games. The heroine is refreshing to read, and it’s just as much her story as the bachelor’s. They play equal roles in both the plot development and as character’s; something which a lot of Visual Novels neglect actually. A lot of writers tunnel vision into creating and weaving an interesting character that encourages the flow of their own story; whilst neglecting the fact that the playable character themselves is equally as important.

I do like how the heroine isn’t perfect, but she’s mature enough to understand her shortcomings and address her problems without shying away from reality. The bachelors themselves aren’t as ideal as they’re made out to be; but that’s how they progress in their relationship, bettering themselves through the conflicts that they face together. The driving force behind their passions, ambitions and attraction to one another is their love for their job; and that to me makes for a more immersive storyline.

I enjoyed the game a lot to finish the first route in one sitting, and highly recommend to give it a go at the moment due to the promotional release campaign. You can read the first five episodes of Shunichiro Tachibana’s route for free. So if you’d like to sample the game, now is the time to do so!


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