Nightshade: Hanzo Hattori Walkthrough


Game Review: Nightshade/Hyakka Hyakurou Review

* indicates affection point raise with that specific character

Common Route

Chapter 1

  • I should make preparations
  • I’m glad we get to work together

Chapter 2

  • You’re leaving me here?
  • Goro-san
  • Keep quiet (*Gekkamaru)
  • Main Street
  • I’m sorry for how I behaved
  • Don’t resist (*Hanzo) 
  • Bow deeply in silence (*Hanzo) 

Chapter 3

  • Fushimi castle, Main Gate
  • [SAVE 1] I will do my best (*Hanzo) 
  • I can’t do that

Chapter 4

  • It was a coincidence (*Hanzo) 
  • Understood (*Hanzo) 

Character Route

Good Ending

Chapter 5

  • [SAVE 2] Is Lord Tokugawa receiving unexpected guests? (*Hanzo) 
  • Main Street
  • Residential District
  • Fushimi castle, Main Gate

Chapter 6

  • How do I fight him? (*Hanzo) 

Chapter 7

  • I should stay (*Hanzo) 

Chapter 8

  • How many are there? (*Hanzo) 

Chapter 9 

  • All right (*Hanzo) 

Chapter 10 

  • Thank you for saving me (*Hanzo) 

Chapter 11

  • I like it (*Hanzo) 

Bad Ending

Chapter 5

  • [LOAD SAVE 2] You’re very knowledgeable
  • Main Street
  • Residential District
  • Fushimi castle, Main Gate

Chapter 6

  • I can’t win…

Chapter 7

  • I should go

Chapter 8

  • What should I do?

Chapter 9 

  • I can’t…

Chapter 10 

  • I’m all right

Chapter 11

  • It suits you


To unlock all memoirs, you must have chosen all options and read all the dialogue in the game.

  • [LOAD SAVE 1] Not at all


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Written By Cherry


6 thoughts on “Nightshade: Hanzo Hattori Walkthrough

  1. Thank so much for the walkthrough. ☺
    I though you would like to know that of a mistake I found while looking at the walkthrough for Hanzo. Its the choice for chapter six because I didn’t see any choices for that chapter. I think it is for chapter 7. I hope I don’t sound rude.

    1. I’m sure you’ll enjoy him very much! He is undisputedly my favourite character and viewed by many as the ‘best boy’ of Nightshade. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this walkthrough. Hanzo has easily become my favorite route! 🙂 What a satisfying ending.

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