7’sCarlet: Yuzuki Murakumo Walkthrough


Official Website: Aksys Games
Game Link: 7’sCarlet – PS Vita [Physical]
*Full review of the game will be up soon*

 General Tips

  • Strictly following this walkthrough will lead to 100% completion (108/108 Tips, Gallery, Scenario & Platinum Trophy).
  • Only Hino or Isora can be selected on the first playthrough
  • The game is very structured. Bachelors/endings only unlock if you completed certain characters and criteria beforehand. Because of this, I highly suggest not straying from the suggested order.
  • Recommended route order: Hino → Isora → Toa → Sosuke → Yuzuki → True Ending → ­???

Character Route


  • *Unlocks after completing Sosuke Tatehira’s Route*
  • Start a ‘New Game’ → Choose the Yuzuki Scenario
  • Those flowers are beautiful.
  • Ignore him
  • Stay silent
  • Be quiet
  • Back
  • [SAVE 1] I was so scared.
  • [SAVE 2] Ask him what happened to Tsuzuri
  • [SAVE 3] …I’m not sure.
  • Is it Yasu?
  • [SAVE 4] Throw something


  • [LOAD SAVE 3] I do.
  • Is it you, Yuzuki?
  • Throw something
  • [LOAD SAVE 3] *Extended Normal Ending (Unlocks after completing True Ending)* 
  • I do.
  • Is it you, Yuzuki?
  • Throw something
  • Stare at it


  • [LOAD SAVE 4] Run away → Game Over
  • [LOAD SAVE 2] Ask him about the Ensepulchers → Game Over
  • [LOAD SAVE 1] You’re late.
  • Ask him what happened to Tsuzuri
  • I do.
  • Is it you, Yuzuki?
  • Throw something → Game Over


  • *Unlocks after completing Yuzuki Murakumo’s Route*
  • Start new game
  • Select true ending scenario
  • The women’s bath
  • [LOAD TOA SAVE 3] Why did you pick me?
  • Toa, let’s get out of here…!


  • Start new game
  • Select Hanate Yatsukami Route
  • Check the bell by the door
  • Check the staff room
  • Check the couch
  • Light a match (can select either option)


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Written By Cherry


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