Black Wolves Saga — Bloody Nightmare — Character Review: Nesso Galland



For a general review of the game, you can read it here.

NESSO GALLAND: Nesso is the older, half-brother to Fiona and has fiercely protected her since birth. Both their mother’s died young, and as a result growing up they only had each other and their father for the most part. Nesso is considered to be immensely talented, skilled, popular amongst the people and directs his own special platoon within the army. He is Weblin’s finest swordsman, and has yet to be defeated on the battlefield.

However, normally as part of the Galland family a man of Nesso’s ability and lineage would have easily reached the status of Captain within the Royal army itself. Fiona learns to her dismay that it is due to their family’s refusal of Mejojo’s advances and his resentment towards knights that leads to Nesso taking on many tasks that one would expect of low rank-and-file soldier.

He assures her that he is unaffected by his predicament, so long as his precious little sister is untouched by those devious cat’s hands. After all, the main motivation and drive behind his desire for strength and the ability to wield the sword with such skill was all for the sake of protecting Fiona.

We soon learn that it is due to Nesso’s request rather than their father’s decision to lock Fiona away inside the tower. Although her weak body is partially the reason, for the most part it is due to Nesso’s desire to always have Fiona within his line of sight. Even though Nesso is able to protect her within the castle grounds, due to the nature of his work he is often sent to the front lines of battle. As a result, Nesso reasons to himself that he needs a place to keep her safe when he is not close by; a place out of reach from the hands of others.

In reality however, we realise from the very beginning of the game that rather than out of familial love for Fiona; Nesso in fact has a major sister complex. His actions towards Fiona border on incestuous for most of the game, and becomes insanely jealous at any male who comes close to her. Although it is comical for the most part, you can just tell from the underlying tone that Nesso is actually dead serious.

He continually expresses his desire to marry Fiona, as it is not entirely uncommon for half-members of the family to wed amongst one another. Nesso claims that he is the only man suitable and truly worthy of Fiona. To my dismay, I can’t exactly refute that point. Nesso is the perfect character that tends to Fiona’s every need: he’s handsome, talented, has the strength to protect her, and everything he does is for her sake. His love for her borders on obsession, but he does indeed try to keep her best interests at heart.

At least everything would be perfect about him considering Fiona’s circumstances… except for the fact that he is still her sibling at the end of the day. I actually dreaded and left his route for last on purpose, because although I know some people are fans of incest; it really just doesn’t sit well for me personally. I just wanted to leave my personal impression of Nesso as the caring older brother doting on his sister, rather than finding out any dark, twisted love he may secretly have on the inside.

What really irked me about Nesso’s character is his blatant disregard for Fiona’s opinions and his constant projection on her that she is still a helpless child who knows nothing about reality. He continually rejects her decisions on what she wishes to do for the future, and leaves her no choice but to take action on her own accord. Otherwise, he only gives in when she is extremely adamant on what she wants to do, or leaves him with no choice on the matter. For example: she’s not leaving Weblin, and his only option is to leave without her or stay with her.

Also, his confinement of her within the tower was what led to her complete disconnect with reality to begin with. It wasn’t certain whether or not her solitary confinement was the sole reason as to why she was able to stay alive for so long, as she remained perfectly fine when residing in the Castle Gardens within Mejojo’s Kingdom. He had taken away her freedom without her knowledge, and he reasons that it’s all for her sake rather than his own selfish desires being projected onto her.

That in itself is already a very unhealthy relationship to have. If she hadn’t been confined to the tower all her life, she would’ve grown up to have a better understanding of the world and some semblance of common sense. I just found myself uncomfortable reading the romantic scenes with Nesso, because for some unknown reason they had the most passionate and physically intimate moments with one another; even greater than Mejojo or Auger.

It honestly just felt as though he was preying on her, and confusing her feelings for him as a brother. When they shared a kiss, to me it felt like Fiona was more so shocked and surprised by it all; rather than actually reciprocating his desires for her. Even she herself is unsure of the act, as he always evades her when she questions whether or not it is appropriate behaviour for siblings to engage in.

His good ending actually left me with a deep sense of despair hilariously enough. Due to Nesso taking the brunt of their fall from the cliff and shielding Fiona, he has become crippled by his injuries. Fiona feels an extreme sense of guilt over the situation, as it was because of her that he is now confined to his bed; and their positions towards one another had become reversed. Fiona is now his caretaker, and Nesso is (a little too) content with his newfound predicament.

After all, every waking moment they have now is spent with each other. She continually dotes on and spoils him, attending to his every need and whim. It’s heavily implied they are now regularly engaging in a physically sexual relationship, as Nesso reasons that it ‘helps him feel better’. Fiona who is deeply saddened that her once talented brother is now a crippled invalid unable to ever wield a sword again; obliges him willingly with his embarrassing demands.

To me, what Fiona felt towards him wasn’t romantic love; but the love of a sibling stained by guilt and manipulated by Nesso. Nesso projects onto her his obsessive love, and Fiona is all too clueless about men due to her complete social disconnection from the world. I’m unable to see their relationship as being genuine in any sort of form, due to the nature of the events that transpired.

I admit I was also incredibly salty because Nesso and Fiona had so many romantic moments together, whilst many of the other characters were left out to dry in comparison. If I could choose, then I would prefer Nesso’s route to not be in the game since I felt it would be better used to develop the other storylines. The human faction storyline within BWS doesn’t really contribute much to the overarching plot, as they play the role of by-stander in the main conflict between the wolves and cats.

Their role in the story is revealed in the main linear storyline, and their relationship to Fiona is already established from the beginning. As a result, it doesn’t leave very much substance to work with and the writers decided to focus their routes on the more romantic aspect of the game rather than actual storyline. As I dislike Nesso this was considered a tragedy to me, as I would’ve preferred it with essentially any other character but him (laughs).

6 thoughts on “Black Wolves Saga — Bloody Nightmare — Character Review: Nesso Galland

  1. Ah, I agree with most things you wrote. Although I couldn’t wait to play his route (because Mawaru PenguindrumxD) there were scenes that made me
    uncomfortable. But, what really disturbed me was the end. It really had yandereish vibes? Especially the part when he talks about tower. Poor MC can’t catch a break xD
    Btw, I really have to re-read the ending again, I was under the impression that Nesso will recover eventually xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that ending!! Although I can’t say I didn’t expect it coming… his low-key obsession/yandere vibes was so obvious in every story route. Which is a shame cause I really wanted it to be pure love until the end, but that’s just not the type of game BWS is 😦 Every character just has to be twisted one way or another haha.

      How I interpreted Nesso’s ending was that although he will recover (since he’s still alive) his injuries were so severe where it’s highly unlikely he’ll be able to use his injured arm or walk properly again. Which is bad for Nesso since in the other routes when they leave Weblin, he finds work through being a bodyguard and using his sword arm.

      With his current condition, his days as a soldier are essentially over and he seems a little too happy about it, since he now has an excuse to spend 24/7 with his precious sister hahaha. 😥


      1. You said that right! First big shock in the game was when Julian showed his broken side during the scene in which MC and others tried to escape the castle. After accepting the fact MC has to try and run away (was hoping that there will be option not to escape because I just knew Auger will try to stop them) I was bracing myself. And when Julian went in his PRAISE ME AUGER mode, I was like:”O, no Julian, not you too” 😦
        After completing Zara, I actually texted my friend:”Finally one route that makes me I feel like I am playing normal otome game” Though, apparently in Last hope, Zara’s bad ending is twisted xD Still, I absolutely love this game, and I am probably going to play it again. Game did not disappointed me at all

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      2. I just had a feeling that there was more to Julian’s character, since he seemed too good to be true and sweet considering the experiences he went through with Mejojo & Auger. So in that sewer scene I was just like “:o nooo!!! I just hate it when my gut feeling is right!”

        I really wished he had a better conclusion in the true ending, or at least a glimpse of his future with Fiona since he doesn’t have a route in Last Hope.

        Yes, I loved the game as well! I was really surprised with how well written and refreshing the storyline was in comparison to other otomes. The same translators for Bloody Nightmare are currently working on Last Hope, so fingers crossed they’re able to finish it 🙂


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