NEWS: Visual Novel and Otome Games Reddit


What is Reddit? 

In a nutshell, it’s a social news media sharing and discussion website. You can subscribe to any forum of your interest, and scroll through a newsfeed (similar to Facebook and Twitter). It consists of thousands of other people posting news or interesting and funny links on your subscribed ‘subreddits’ of interest.

I am fairly active on reddit mostly as a lurker under /r/iTotoro, and usually I do check it every day. It’s my go-to resource for visual novel and otome game news. I also love reading the discussions on various games, and seeing what other people’s opinions are. I highly recommend checking out /r/visualnovels, and /r/otomegames! Both subreddits are very active and receive new content everyday from users.


I decided to post about reddit today because in spite of how popular it is, there are still a lot of people who don’t know what exactly the website is about or use it.

Yesterday night for good fun, I made a post on /r/otomegames where you name specific otome games and other users comment on who the ‘best guy’ is from that game. I did not expect the post to literally blow up over night, and when I hopped on this morning it had over 150+ comments of so many different games and favourite characters.


I highly recommend checking the post out here, since some of the comments are actually really funny and hilarious. It was interesting seeing who everyone viewed as best boy and there was mostly a lot of contentions between the first and second best guy in every game. If you haven’t signed up for reddit yet, come join in on the fun! Everyone there is really nice, and passionate about both visual novels and otome games.

8 thoughts on “NEWS: Visual Novel and Otome Games Reddit

  1. I frequent both subreddits, don’t post very often. Both are pretty helpful for keeping track of releases and finding the interesting ones. Vn’s don’t generally get much attention so it’s good having a place to go.


    1. Yeah, same here! 🙂 I don’t usually post too much either, but with all the recent releases lately I’ve been much more active on the subreddits.


    1. It’s been really active lately, and it’s great to check out once in a while! Usually when a new game releases there’s plenty of discussion about it and the characters.

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      1. Yeah, I can imagine, with all the new games coming out every other week. I guess I’ll have to start being active in the otoge community LOL

        But, I’m usually so behind with my playthroughs that I avoid character discussions, but I’ll def stop by!

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      1. I regularly visit that subreddit and several others, but I don’t leave comments that often xD I am mostly active on otome and books though 🙂

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