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Singapore indie game developer and start-up Tango Dream Games has launched the Indiegogo campaign for their first visual novel titled ‘Queen of Hearts’. Queen of Hearts is a romantic fantasy otome game, inspired by the likes of Japanese and Korean titles such as Nameless ~ The One Thing You Must Recall, Hakuoki and Amnesia.

The Indiegogo campaign features a playable Prelude demo, and previews of what to expect from the full game.

The full game will feature about 20-30 hours of play time, being composed of 5 love interests’ routes. The story will have branching paths depending on player choices. The full game is expected to include over 30 good and bad endings, over 100 backgrounds and CG art visuals, and an original soundtrack.

Set in a beautiful medieval world …

You play a 17-year-old girl who has just been betrothed – to none other than the king …

You are to journey to the palace to meet your fiance, escorted by five unusual companions …

Experience romance, laughter and magic along the way … but will you make all the right choices to find your ‘happily ever after’?

Demo Reviews

Refer to the indiegogo campaign for further information on the love interest personalities!

Tango Dream Games needs support from their Indiegogo campaign to bring the full game to life. Backers receive a slight discount on the game itself and Indigogo-exclusive rewards, some of which allow them to be part of the Queen of Hearts in a small way!

Here are some of the expected rewards:

  • Good Endings only cheat guide

  • Digital Artbook
    How did they develop the characters? What was the inspiration behind the settings? What did the early and alternate designs look like? Tango Dream Games will share the stories and rationale behind the world and characters that they have created.

  • Original soundtrack (digital copy) for when you can’t get that song out of your head.

    Click here to listen on their website. 

  • Desktop wallpapers – As featured in the intro video.

  • Have a minor character in the game named after you! It can be your name, or you can dedicate it to someone else as a gift (Limited Slots). Or Tango Dream Games can even choose for you and make it a surprise. Note that some characters have a larger role than others. Learn more about the characters here.

  • Get a voiced shout-out from one of the 5 love interests! It can be your name, or you can dedicate it to someone else as a gift. The shout-out will feature in the credits at the end of the game (Limited Slots).

  • Become an Easter egg in the background art (one visual). Tango Dream Games can draw you, or one object that means a lot to you – a loved one, a pet, your home – you can get creative (Limited Slots)!
  • Early access – Tango Dream Games are aiming for the first route (or at least some chapters) to be ready in Q3 2019, and all routes to be completed in Q1 2020. Tango Dream Games will keep backers posted along the way, and will update with any changes in the timeline.


Tango Dream Games is a Singapore- registered start-up that aims to bring quality Western-geared romantic visual novels to the world.

Our name comes from how our visual novels aspire to be fun, flirty and passionate, just like tango – the dance. “Dream” is the expression of seeking to turn dream projects into reality.

Queen of Hearts is the the studio’s first visual novel, and the results of its Indiegogo campaign will be very important in determining if we can deliver more visual novels in future.


Facebook @tangodreamgames

Instagram @tangodreamgames

Twitter @tangodreamgames

Tumblr @tangodreamgames

Email them at hello@tangodreamgames.com

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