Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome Walkthrough


Official Website: MangaGamer
Game Link: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome [R18][Digital Copy]
Game Review: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome [R18] Review

* Remember to save often, and where I have indicated! Following this walkthrough will lead to 100% Completion. If you’re stuck, feel free to ask questions! *

Saito Shinjou


  • [SAVE 1] I’m so sleepy…
  • Just push him away
  • Two can play at that game!
  • Stop thinking about it and go back to sleep
  • Run
  • [SAVE 2] Maybe just for a bit
  • RUN
  • Continue to hold back
  • [SAVE 3] If you pass the test, I’ll wear your clothes
  • [SAVE 4] I think the filming location is the problem
  • [SAVE 5] Ask Miki-san anyway
  • [SAVE 6] Call and yell at them
  • [SAVE 7] I’ll leave it to you, Saito-san…
  • [SAVE 8] Anything, you say?
  • [SAVE 9] Take Saito-san’s side
    ⇒ ED17 ‘Walking With Saito’ (Good Ending)
    ⇒ Scene Replay Page 2 ⇒ Unlocks After Story 1 ‘The Big Debut’ (Get CG)
    ⇒ Scene Replay Page 2 ⇒ Unlocks After Story 2 ‘Unfashioning Little Mr. Sadist’
    (Get CG)

Miki Hiraizumi


  • I’m so sleepy…
  • Stop thinking of him as human
  • Suit yourself, asshat!
  • Get up anyway
  • Fight
  • Maybe just for a bit
  • Stepping on him FEELS SO GOOD!
  • If you pass the test, I’ll wear your clothes
  • I think the clothes could be better
  • Call and yell at them
  • [SAVE 12] Miki-san, make me a normie!
  • The date scenes?
  • Take Miki-san’s side
    ⇒ ED15 ‘Scandalous Muse’ (Good Ending)
    ⇒ Scene Replay Page 1 ⇒ Unlocks After Story 1 ‘The Pouting Prince’ (Get CG)
    ⇒ Scene Replay Page 1 ⇒ Unlocks After Story 2 ‘Crouching Moron Hidden Genius’
    (Get CG)

Ending List

  • [LOAD SAVE 1] Ugh. Nope. I’m going back to sleep.
    ⇒ ED01 ‘That’s What I Get For Going Back To Bed’
  • [LOAD SAVE 2] The answer is still no
    ⇒ ED02 ‘Joining The Empire’
  • [LOAD SAVE 3] If you pass the test, I’ll do any one thing you ask
    ⇒ ED03 ‘And So Miki’s Summer School Continues’
  • [LOAD SAVE 4] I don’t think it’s either
    ⇒ ED04 ‘Where I Belong’
  • [LOAD SAVE 4] I think the clothes could be better
    • Run
      ⇒ ED05 ‘Alone Again’
  • [LOAD SAVE 5] Nah, raw’s fine
  • [LOAD SAVE 6] Eat my feelings
    ⇒ ED07 ‘Not So-Little-Miss Lonesome’
  • [LOAD SAVE 7] Will you be my servants?
    ⇒ ED08 ‘Everyone Has Their Limits’
  • [LOAD SAVE 8] Meh, who needs men?
    ⇒ ED10 ‘Height-Defying Popularity’
  • [LOAD SAVE 9] Take Miki-san’s side
    ⇒ ED12 ‘Invest Wisely’ (Advice from Kalmia8)
  • [LOAD SAVE 9] Give a vague answer to avoid conflict
    ⇒ ED13 ‘I’m a Celebrity’
  • [LOAD SAVE 7] Miki-san, make me a normie!
    • [SAVE 10] Forget it, let’s just make our own!
      ⇒ ED09 ‘0/10 Do Not Recommend’
  • [LOAD SAVE 10] The date scenes?
    • [SAVE 11] Take Miki-san’s side
      ⇒ ED14 ‘(Ab)Normal Lovers’ (Miki Normal Ending)
  • [LOAD SAVE 11] Take Saito-san’s side
    ⇒ ED11 ‘She’s Right Behind You’
  • [LOAD SAVE 12] I’ll leave it to you, Saito-san…
    • Anything, you say?
    • Take Saito-san’s side
      ⇒ ED16 ‘Please Keep Saito In Your Prayers’ (Saito Normal Ending)
  • [LOAD SAVE 9] Option unlocks after completing both Saito and Miki’s Good Ending
    • Think it over carefully
  • [SAVE 13] Do I really even ‘like’ them?
    ⇒ ED20 ‘Fantasy Bromance’
  • [LOAD SAVE 13] I should organize my thoughts
    • [SAVE 14] No chance in hell
      ⇒ ED19 ‘Team X’ (Get CG)
  • [LOAD SAVE 14] Maybe it’s… actually good…?
    • [SAVE 15] Ask Miki
      ⇒ ED18 ‘I Will Never Go Back’ (‘Miki! I Choose You’ CG)
  • [LOAD SAVE 15] Ask Saito
    ⇒ ED18 ‘I Will Never Go Back’ (‘Saito! I Choose You’ CG)
    ⇒ Obtain 100% Completion CG


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Written By Cherry

24 thoughts on “Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome Walkthrough

  1. I’m sorry but I think there is a mistake in one of the alternate endings…

    [ LOAD SAVE 7 ] Miki-san, make me a normie!
    * The date scenes?
    * Take Miki-san’s side
    –> ED14 ‘(Ab)Normal Lovers’ (Miki Normal Ending)


  2. I’m really confused… I’ve gotten everything in the game (all ending, all cg.) But im missing 2 of the music!! Help ;(


  3. Hello, i apparently issuing the bug where Miki-san CG is 9/10.
    Is there anyone who can help send me the v01.02/04 patch? Because i can’t seem to update it and it’s getting annoying.
    Thanks! :’)


  4. My game is saying my completion is 99.9%. I have all endings, music, and CGs (I triple checked and they all say 5/5 etc). Is it because of the voice collection? I have the steam ver. and it auto updates with the patches.


    1. Unfortunately, I’m not sure why this is the case as my copy on steam shows as 100% 😦 The other person who had this problem with 99.9% completion was because there was a bug with the ‘completion CG’ not unlocking. The voice collection is for saving lines of dialogue from the game that you want to re-listen to, but not have to play through the entire scene for.

      You can email if you still have this problem, or post the error on the steam discussion forum here:


  5. If you’re not getting the hidden option, with the mangagamer version, you need to apply a patch. You may need to rename xdelta3 to xdelta3.exe to make it work.


  6. Hello!
    I wanna thank you for providing this guide. It was very helpful for the clean-up endings~!
    Also, I’m sorry to bother you with this:
    The characters say that I have completed only 99.9% of the game for all three, but I have gotten everything, as I checked. I even got the extra present, as well. But… I don’t think I got the 100% CG. Do you know if I’ve done something wrong? I can’t seem to think I did, but… Also, I did install the patch for the game as well. I have the MangaGamer version, too.

    Thank you!! I appreciate it!


    1. Hello, you’re welcome! I’m glad that my guide was helpful 🙂

      Just to double check, have you have obtained ALL CGs (ie. the CGs, if there’s multiple versions of it are all 10/10, 5/5 etc.) and all 20/20 Endings? I know there’s a bug where for Miki’s CGs it shows as 9/10 when it should be 10/10. The developers mention it here:

      Also for the scene replays, are there any missing scenes? All lines with the chapter title should be filled in.


  7. I don’t know how to install the latest patch from MangaGamer for my game and I have completed both Saito’s and Miki’s route but one of the CGs from Miki’s route says 9/10 instead of 10/10. I’ve followed your walkthrough to where the option is supposed to unlock but it has not appeared, I’m not sure if its a bug or I need to install the latest patch?


    1. You need to install the latest patch to correct the bug, in order for the option to appear. It is in your account page on MangaGamer 🙂


    1. The option should appear underneath the last decision point. It’s 1. Take Miki-san’s side, 2. Take Saito-san’s side, 3. Give a vague answer to avoid conflict, 4. Think it over carefully.

      Did you purchase your copy from MangaGamer? Or from steam? For the MangaGamer copy, they have released a patch that you can access from the ‘your account’ page that addresses this bug.


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