Nightshade: Chojiro Momochi Walkthrough

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Game Review: Nightshade/Hyakka Hyakurou Review

* indicates affection point raise with that specific character

Common Route

Chapter 1

  • I should thank Brother Chojiro (*Chojiro) 
  • I’m glad we get to work together 

Chapter 2

  • All right (*Chojiro) 
  • Goro-san
  • Keep quiet (*Gekkamaru)
  • Residential District
  • But just in case…
  • Try to resist
  • Stand up for Brother Chojiro (*Chojiro)

Chapter 3

  • [SAVE 1] Residential District
  • [SAVE 2] That’s not true (*Chojiro) 

Chapter 4

  • No option

Character Route

Good Ending

Chapter 5

  • Main Street
  • Residential District
  • Fushimi castle, Main gate

Chapter 6

  • [SAVE 3] I wonder how everyone is doing (*Chojiro)
  • Someone I truly respect (*Chojiro)

Chapter 7

  • I wanted to stay with him (*Chojiro) 

Chapter 8

  • Attack (*Chojiro)

Chapter 9 

  • No option

Chapter 10 

  • Hug him (*Chojiro) 

Chapter 11

  • You’re right (*Chojiro) 

Bad Ending

Chapter 6

  • [LOAD SAVE 3] What’s going to happen to me?
  • Someone I aspire to be

Chapter 7

  • I want to apologize to him

Chapter 8

  • Watch his movements

Chapter 9 

  • No option

Chapter 10 

  • Stroke his head

Chapter 11

  • You’re wrong


To unlock all memoirs, you must have chosen all options and read all the dialogue in the game.

  • [LOAD SAVE 1] Bukemachi
  • [LOAD SAVE 2] I never thought you would think like that


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